Apr 04

Imagine Dragons Talks Sports

Dan_ReynoldsNearly everyone knows Imagine Dragons, the group is fast becoming a worldwide favorite. Officially introduced into the music world in 2012, the band has quickly risen to the top, coming out with numerous top hits. The band has been performing and touring places and everywhere it goes, people line up to see them perform live. In fact, they are still currently on tour. Check imagine dragons concert schedule for more info.

In an interview with Radio.Com, the four members sit and talk about things other than music. The Las Vegas band chitchatted about sports. Drummer Daniel Platzman reveals his huge craze about NBA and is a fan of Steph Curry who plays for Golden State Warriors. Platzman feels like he’s caught up in a video game whenever he watches Steph play.  Steph is flawless during crunch time, able to ease out of traffic and land ball shots. The song Daniel would dedicate to Steph and the team would be ‘Underdog’, from the 2012 album ‘Night Visions’. Frontman Dan Reynolds simply agrees.

Miami Heat’s LeBron James came up. It was revealed that he often listened to the group’s top charting song ‘Radioactive’ to prepare him before each game during the past season. Reynolds thought it was so cool, finding that out, and reveals that he is a huge fan of Lebron. Back in high school, Reynolds would watch Lebron’s documentary together with his buddies. Though they are not far apart when it comes to age (Lebron is somewhat older by a few years only), Dan was inspired to follow his career and watch it bloom. Dan comments, ‘to know they’re listening to our music is cool’.

The band also talked about the first pitch they had to do for the game at Chicago Wrigley Field, it’s where the hometown Cubs do the games. Guitarist Wayne Sermon is rooting for them, hoping for the team to win the World Series. The Cubs actually haven’t won again in a long, long time, the last win was back in 1908.  Dan Reynolds did the honorary first pitch, to which the group admits by saying it was okay but was a ‘near disaster’.

Mar 25

Justin Moore Concert Update

justin-moore1A scheduling conflict has caused the cancellation of the March 20 performance of  country music hitmaker Justin Mooore. The Wichita Falls, TX concert (part of the ‘Off the Beaten Path Tour) will no longer push through. Purchasers will be refunded of the ticket fee since no rescheduling has taken place. For making a new ticket purchase, check  justin moore concerts.

The tour is reaping success everywhere, venues are well attended, and the crowds coming in enjoy the performances. It may seem that Justin has gotten used to performing already, but it isn’t so. Justin says he still pretty much experiences pre-performance jitters. Moore says he gets nervous even now, especially with bigger venues to perform at. More people come expecting a good show. He is very happy with how people and fans have accepted him. Most of his venues are sold out at each showing.

Fans can really expect a good turnout every night. Moore says production has been upped this time, more staff people and production crew have been brought in to ensure good production each performance night. Music is also new and fresh.

In other news, Moore has been contracted to join the Monroe County Fair. He will be opening the fair events on July 27. His performance is set at 8 P.M. at the fair grandstand.  Gates open at 6:30P.M., attendees are given enough time to get their tickets and stuff in order. Advance ticket purchases are available at Monroe Bank & Trust Expo Center. Online ticketing is also available. Tickets are all general admission and cost $35 only, made affordable by intent of the organizers.

Hunter Brucks is the fair promoter and producer who chose Moore for the fair’s opening night. He admires his artistic skill and inspiring music. He believes attendees, especially the kids and younger ones will love Justin for his energy and cool cowboy persona. He is counting on Justin Moore’s popularity to help bring in people to the fair. Well, with an excellent performer like Justin to kick-off the fair, plus a very affordable gate price, it’s hard to think of anyone who won’t grab a chance to troop to Monroe County Fair!

Mar 15

Blake and Miranda Currently Busy with Duo Recordings

blakeBlake Shelton and Miranda Lambert would be one favourite couple not only among country music lovers but among music fans from all over. The couple seems to be going strong both privately in marriage and professionally in the music business. Miranda is currently occupied with performance schedules and recording projects and so is Blake Shelton. He’s currently all prep for his upcoming tour. Fans may check his tour setlist and purchase blake shelton tour tickets online.

Both actually have a new duet coming out, so, better watch out for the release in one of these upcoming months. No, it’s not going to be a duet with each other. Blake has been working with Shakira for the duet while Miranda has been working with Carrie Underwood. The Blake-Shakira duet will be featured in Shakira’s latest release, and Miranda’s duet with Carrie will be included in her album, “Platinum”.

Shelton was reported to have had it easy recording with Shakira. Both are seasoned professional artists, very skilled and flexible. Plus, the camaraderie brought about by their working relationship at the famous reality T.V. singing competition show, “The Voice” helped eliminate any ‘bugs’ other artists would experience during music collaborations.

Shelton helped Shakira set up a recording session in Nashville for the project with assistance from Hillary Lindsey (songwriter) and Mark Bright (producer). All were satisfied with the output. Hear it from Shakira’s self-titled album coming out on March 25. The track is titled ‘Medicine’

It’s not the same case with Lambert though, she admits to being nervous about recording with Carrie U. Miranda states she was a ‘bucket of nerves’. She was that way because she says it was so important for her, working with Underwood. It’s like ‘having a crush on someone and you’re very careful not to mess it up’.

After finally getting the courage to contact Carrie, she sent e-mail asking her to consider recording a song with her. She thought she got rejected when Underwood took a long time to respond. She told husband Blake of her fears that A.I. winner Underwood might have disliked the song, but all fears dissolved when Carrie sent word that she thought the song was great and that she would love to do a duet. Their collaboration will be heard in Miranda’s upcoming “Platinum” album, the track is titled, ‘Somethin’ Bad’.

Feb 24

Indie Music: The Alternative Choice

hippiesNot all musicians come up with record labels by signing up with major commercial recording companies. There are those who produce their music independently. They are called independent musicians. Their music is usually referred to as “Indie music”. The term indie is used in order to categorize certain types of music that cannot be affiliated with other genres. Hence, we have indie rock, indie pop, and the like. Other than their unique brand of music, indie musicians are also known for their unique fashion choice and use of accessories. In fact, there are stores dedicated to selling outfits worn only be indie artists.

What Makes Indie Music Special?

Despite the uniqueness of indie music, there are a lot of people who have already started following it. In fact, they appreciate indie music as it lets them see everything in a different perspective. Indie musicians are not bound by what recording companies wish to hear. They are also not forced to make their music sound commercial and fit into the mold of what a lot of people would appreciate. Indie musicians create music that is true to their spirit and their own brand. According to indie music followers, indie musicians can transform noise into something that is beautiful to the ears. They also have the ability to connect deeper with one’s emotions. Most of all, indie music provides “magic” that most other types of music could not give.

What Does it Take to be an Indie Musician?

It is not easy to choose the path of being an indie artist. It is a constant struggle. These musicians see to it that they make their look unique and individualized to the best of their ability. They also have to manage their own schedule to minimize expenses. Speaking of finances, this is the hardest part in being an indie artist. Since these musicians are not in contract with any major recording company, they have to spend for the release of their own album. They also have to arrange their own concerts. They need to build their own name. Indie musicians offer a different dish on the table. There is no assurance that people would like what they offer. They could even be hated for what they do. However, it is part of the risk in being into indie music.

A Closer Look at Indie Music Festivals

Despite the fact that indie music is just beginning to emerge, some bands already have a huge following. This is why music festivals are organized to celebrate indie music and give a bigger stage for indie musicians to perform. As they say, these music festivals are the “lifeblood of the indie scene”. In fact, around 15-20 indie concerts are organized in a month. Music festivals usually have a dozen or even hundreds of performers playing not just in one night, but could run for several days. Since indie musicians gather together, they divide overall costs. Therefore, tickets are not overpriced, time schedules are a lot more convenient, concert venue is more comfortable and there are no acoustic problems. Most of all, these festivals are usually done outdoors, so you can jam all you want with the performers.

Every indie music fan treasures indie music festivals. It is like seeing many Hollywood stars walking the red carpet during Oscars. These musicians might not have a huge name for themselves, but their brand is what these fans look forward to see. Therefore, when you go to an indie music festival, you must not be surprised to see thousands of followers screaming even if it is already very late. They don’t get tired seeing these performers since they don’t get the opportunity to do so that often.

To Remain Indie or Not?

Every now and then, talent managers and producers discover great talents. They also hunt good performers by attending concerts and even music festivals. This is where they discover indie musicians and offer them a major label contract. When given this opportunity, indie musicians are faced with a dilemma on whether they will accept it or not. By accepting the offer, they become indie musicians no more. They are already heading to become mainstream artists. On the plus side, this means that they will have financial capabilities to promote their music and let more people hear about what they do. It also means that they could be big stars just like many other bands. Of course, the possibility of financial gains could be limitless. However, it also means they will have less freedom. They could not decide on how they should present their band or on what type of music they are to create. In fact, even the song that they have already composed is still subject to the approval of the producers.

Despite the risks of being signed with a major company, there are some indie rock bands that have chosen to go mainstream. Some of these bands are Guillemots, Boy Kill Boy, Make Model, The Little Ones, Cajun Dance Party and The Cinematics. On the other hand, there are artists who started out as mainstream artists, but have decided to go indie. One of them is Bradley Joseph. He used to be signed with Narada/Virgin Records. He eventually requested to go indie. He said that he has already learned how the music business works. This is what most indie musicians lack. They are only concerned on how they can produce their own music. He said that as musicians, it is also important to know how to make money and how to make the most out of your talent. He believes that a successful independent artist with a very strong musical reputation can still be as huge a star as mainstream artists.

Taking the Challenge of Staying Indie

Becoming an indie artist is not easy. It is a constant struggle to remain relevant in the industry and at the same time, be able to create music that remains true to your soul. In fact, of the indie artists who have published their own album, only 12 of them have successfully penetrated the top spot in the US Billboard 200 Album Chart since 1991. Fighting all financial challenges is also another risk. However, for indie artists who are already happy to create their own music and be heard, this is the risk that they are willing to take.

Feb 06

Reasons Behind the Success of “Frozen”

With two Academy Awards in its bag (Best Animated Film and Best Original Theme Song), there is no doubt that “Frozen” is one of the biggest hits of 2013. The moment it was released in cinemas, the film garnered $93.6 million. It kept on growing bigger from day 1 onwards. Why has it become this popular?

  1. Original Disney spirit captured. A lot of people have already missed the class Disney stories such as Snow White and Cinderella. This film captured all the elements that were present in those classic stories that were eventually made into films. It is very nostalgic especially for those who grew up with Disney bedtime stories.
  2. The Songs. Frozen is just like the other classic Disney movies where some conversations are sang. The way the music is played and the lyrics totally captured the attention of the people. In fact, it was branded as “genius” by so many musicians.
  3. Real life overtones. No one can deny that the story captured real life events. Sibling rivalry, overprotective parents, quest for love and friendship are only a few of the lines hit in the movie. Therefore, kids of all ages can relate to it.
  4. Two princesses. Once again, everyone loves princess stories. This movie casted two beautiful princesses who eventually found the love of their lives. It became relatable to daughters and sons who believe in fairy tales or even adults who still wish to have a fairy tale ending in their lives.
  5. Women empowerment. The movie showed just how powerful women can be if they will use everything that they have. The ending also showed how a woman can be a good leader as well. For some men, empowered women are a huge turn on.

The awards garnered by the movie are just toppings to everything that it has already achieved. Disney now has the challenge to create more movies of such relevance.

If you have not watched the movie yet, it is time to buy the DVD copies. You might also want to buy Daniel tosh vegas tickets for entertainment.

May 29

Bruno Mar’s Moonshine Jungle a Success

bruno3Bruno Mars is really proving himself to be one of the kings of ‘sold out venues’. His second headlining tour is proving to be quite a success with various concert venues being sold out in advance; gross sales are also significantly high.

The Moonshine Jungle Tour will very much likely be a huge success just like Bruno’s first tour. Kicked off last June 22, 2013, Bruno Mars and his backing band ‘The Hooligans’ have been performing at many standing room only crowds. The past tour had theaters and ballrooms for venues while the current tour has gotten Bruno Mars performing in grand arenas, selling tickets out to large crowds.

2013 declared Moonshine Jungle as a Top 25 tour lister, with forty-four concert shows sold out; only four were not sold out. North American concerts were so successful last year, grossing over USD$45 million that a second leg has been scheduled this 2014. For 2014, the U.S. will have 35 performance schedules. Check bruno mars concert 2015 for more info.

John Marx was hired for this second tour and some adjustments in production and promotion have been undertaken. From past experience, Bruno was able to sell out venues so this time, all venues will be bigger, holding more attendees. Bruno will mostly perform in arenas.  This 2014, many countries in Asia had sold out venues, Philippines, Singapore, China, Korea, and others.  The Australian leg has almost sold out with 2 sold out venues in Sydney and two in Melbourne also. Nine dates are on schedule there with a few more to be added soon; but with the present count, Bruno Mars has now broken the 2009 attendance record ever achieved at Vector Arena. Attendees to date will be 12,142 people. If New Zealand will be included in the tally, Bruno Mars would have 10 sold out arenas across both countries, which brings total attendance to over 130,000 people.

In Hawaii, Mars holds the record for the fastest rate of selling out three concert dates at the Blaisdell Arena. By February 3, the normal concert ticket price of $150 went up to $500. With the value increase, Mars tour ranks among those most expensively held in the country for the summer.

May 13

Best Dog Food Brands of Petsmart

banana-dog-dress-upDogs are truly a man’s best friend, and also a musicians best friend, too. Many of our favorite singers as early as Elvis Presley, Elton John and Sheryl Crow; up to our pop singers now like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus have found their love on their furry friends.

But did you know that it’s a common belief that a man’s year is equivalent to seven dog years? Though it may not be accurately true, we can be rest assured that feeding our dogs with high-quality food can increase their lifespan and help them avoid health problems in the future. Now the big question is; what is the best dog food brand for your dog? We collected a list of the best dog food brands of PetSmart for you to choose from.


Eukanuba offers a dog meals with added nutrients, such as glucosamine, Omega 3,and Omega 6 fatty acids, to protect our dogs’ joints.
Eukanuba–Natural Lamb & Rice Large Breed Formula

Price: $48.99 (30 lbs)

Product source: PetSmart

Avoderm Natural

This oven-baked dog food is formulated for dogs with sensitive tummies.
AvoDerm–Natural Lamb and Brown Rice Oven-Baked Dog Food

Price:$49.99 (30 lbs)

Product Source: PetSmart

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Adult Formula is a premium food choice for dogs that includes Omega 6 fatty acids and glucosamine for good joint health for dogs
Blue Buffalo–Adult Formula

Price: $46.99 (30 lbs)

Product Source: PetSmart

Science Diet

Science Diet offers our dogs meals with real meat instead of depending on byproducts as its main ingredient. Nature’s Best Formula is available with chicken and brown rice or lamb and brown rice.
Science Diet–Nature’s Best Adult Formula

Price: $53.99 (30 lbs)

Product Price: PetSmart


If a dog is extremely active, he may need added protein and extra calories to keep his energy and/or maintain his weight. This product mainly contains 20% fat and 30% protein to provide working or sporting dogs with the additional calories and nutrition they need. It is ideal for all life stages.

Purina–Pro Plan Performance Formula Dog Food

Price: $ 41.99 (30lbs)

Product Source: PetSmart

May 12

Rock Your Way to Hydration

This might seem like a no-brainer, but there is little you can do at a music festival that is more important than hydrating. You’ll be on your feet (and probably dancing) for 10+ hours under the blazing sun and you sure going to sweat non-stop. The best thing you can do to sustain that booty shaking is guzzle down as much water as possible. Also, there will be a lot of hangovers– caused primarily by dehydration– for a lot of people that just want to have fun. Here are some info on how to stay hydrated so you can enjoy dancing (and a little drinking) throughout the music fest

1. Increase your fluid intake. A gallon of water a day with other clear fluids is a good start. Whenever you’re outside in a hot weather for most of the day doing vigorous physical activity, (the exact thing you’ll do in a music fest) you’ll need to make an effort to increase your fluid intake. Always remember to bring drinking water with you because it:

  • Keeps your temperature normal.
  • Lubricates and cushions your joints.
  • Protects your spinal and other sensitive tissues.
  • Gets rid of body toxins through sweating, urinating and bowel movements.

Keeping it iced will keep you refreshed all throughout the day. To achieve iced cold water that will last long, you need to purchase Hoshizaki ice maker. However, fluid retention and balance may depend on some of the advice below.

  • Potassium is an excellent guard against dehydration. It promotes fluid balance and reduces risky high heart rates caused by thickening of the blood. Low potassium level also produces muscle fatigue and cramps. Foods high in potassium, like avocados, and the well known source of it–banana–is able to crush those symptoms. So tuck that banana in your pocket!
  •  Oils and healthy fats are as important as high fluid intake. They are strong regulators of fluid balance. Nuts are good sources.
  • Stay away from sugar. Sugar can dehydrate you if it gets to very high levels in your blood. That’s why people with diabetes have an increased risk of dehydration as high blood sugar (glucose) levels lead to decreased hydration in the body.
  • While you’re partying hard in a music concert, carry some acetaminophen (Tylenol) with you. Acetaminophen not only fights headaches, it also controls fevers caused by dehydration.

May 01

Nowhere But Up: A Story of a Single Mom Named Pattie

Justin Bieber has always been in the limelight of the music business. But did you know that he’s one of the known singers that is raised by a single parent? Let’s take this moment to take the spotlight off from JB and focus it instead to the one who raised him up.

His mother, Patricia “Pattie” Mallette, was only 17 when she became pregnant. Pattie and Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber were never been married. She raised her son, with the help of her mother and stepfather. As a single mother, Pattie chose to work part-time jobs, while raising her son with government assistance in low-income housing. (go to http://www.helpforsinglemothersland.com/ for financial assistance for single moms) She didn’t graduated in high school, but a generous neighbor offered a year of free daycare for her son, so Pattie could return to school to earn a diploma. Awarded with a scholarship, she carried on with college and studied web design.

In her book, “Nowhere But Up”, she shared her life story. Her earliest memories centered around an abusive and alcoholic father, who left her family when she was two. They were reunited to her father when she was 9 but shortly after, her father died of heart attack. The loss of her father left her a sense of emptiness throughout her life.

Pattie’s childhood was dominated by sexual abuse. Allegedly, she was first molested by the age of three. Her offenders include neighborhood children (who played “doctor, doctor” with her but ended up her being a sexual test subject), a male babysitter ( who asked her to model naked in front of him),  and the grandfather of one of her friends (who asked her to touch him in private areas).Her book accounts sexual abuse continuing until she’s 14, and lost her virginity by an incident of date rape at 15. She describes the constant abuse as something so repetitive, “it began to feel normal.”

Pattie was drawn to drugs, and alcohol, at the age of 14 and was only 15  when she started a relationship with Jeremy, When she was 17, with all the addiction and depression, she attempted suicide but was unsuccessful, the same year she got pregnant, too.

Despite her bitter past and people keep telling her to abort the baby, she said it never ever crossed her mind. Never say never, JB? That “never” had just saved your life.

Apr 30

Car Shows at MTV

I remember watching MTV as a child. Apart from, musical instruments and microphones, abstract background and sexy girls, cars are what you will usually see in a music video. There could possibly no doubt about it: vehicles and music go well together. So much so that most of the music videos of several artists have used various vehicles ever since MTV’s first airing on August 1, 1981.

So whether it is a large Mack Truck, or a Harley Davidson cruising, a Chrysler convertible or a Volkswagen Beetle car, an ATV or a used lawn tractor, one will never miss to get noticed it on MTV.

Gorillaz, “Stylo”

The Gorillaz is a virtual band; its members are animated cartoon and plays in a fictional online universe. You can do some pretty cool stuffs when you’re imagining, like race a smoking 1969 Chevrolet Camaro across the desert. You can also ask big names to guest star as real human talent. In this MTV, Bruce Willis is chasing down Gorillaz off the road and into the ocean with a red 1968 Chevrolet El Camino.

Kazzer, “Pedal to the Metal”

A head-turning lineup of hot ’60s muscle cars flanked by long-legged, sexy women, with a Ford Model B and a smoking and rusted-out 1986 Volkswagen Jetta thrown in to boot.

Audioslave, “Show Me How to Live”

This video uses the 1971 movie Vanishing Point as its backdrop. The Audioslave band mercilessly race a replica of the car used in the movie, a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Check out all the roll-up windows, round headlights and low-tech locks—so old school you can almost hear the dust flying.

M.I.A., “Bad Girls”

The video is chock-full with scenes of drifting family of sedans—mostly BMWs from the early 2000s—and women adorned with gold and cheetah-patterned head dresses gyrating with assault rifles in hand.

Dr. Dre (with Snoop Dogg), “Still D.R.E.”

Be careful watching this music video at work because of the throngs of under-clothed women who ride around in low riders along with the rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. But the vehicles are worth watching for their impressive trampoline antics. Full of retro Chevrolet Impalas here, the show car of the low riding scene.

Apr 29

Stinky Band Names

While researching about music business relating to septic tanks, I stumbled upon a band name by itself, “Septic Tank”. I wondered what in the world can anyone name their band after a stinky container filled with sewage! But then I remember music is all about art and business is about being noticed. 

It’s never easy to pick a band name. The band name has to be memorable and must instantly leave a mark. It has to be easily searchable in social networks. The name has to be funny or clever without being lame or overused. Some artists achieved picking just the right name, but to be honest, not everyone gets there. Here’s a list of some stinky and funny band names as adapted from the Rolling Stone’s list. 

The Beatles 

Believe it or not, rock legend The Beatles is on their list. The Beatles have an idea of naming themselves after an insect (like the Crickets), but changed it for a pun on musical beats.   

Panic! At the Disco 

This emo band is on the list simply because of that oddly placed exclamation! mark. It introduced the idea of using creative punctuation into the music realm. 

Anal Cunt 

What exactly does this gross name mean? Does it mean that they have labeled a “cunt” is acting in an anal fashion? Or are they describing some unimaginable hybrid female orifice? Unsurprisingly, this grind core band meant the name only as a joke on their 1st recording, but then it just stuck. 

Dave Matthews Band 

There are probably more boring names in the world than Dave Matthews, but to make it a band’s name didn’t make it more interesting. He could have named it anything but Dave Matthews went with the Dave Matthews Band, and we’re forever stuck with it. 

Talking about Dave Matthews Band and septic tanks, in 2004 DMB’s bus driver purposely opened the septic tank lid of the vehicle into Chicago River and feces spilled on a passing tourist boat and contaminated the river. DMB has settled a lawsuit and paid $200,000 to an environmental fund to take measures in avoiding a repeat of the incident. 

Apr 29

Musicians and Addiction

Drugs and other substance abuse are very rampant in the music industry. A lot of notable musicians are known to have succumbed to the whole “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” lifestyle, with emphasis on drugs. Because of that, a number of the world’s greatest musical legends passed away a little too soon.

Legendary musicians like Dee Dee Ramone, Janis Joplin, Sid Vicious, Jimi Hedrix, Jim Morrison, Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley, and more recently, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston, all died because of drug overdose. They could have made more hit songs, if they have only lived longer.

However, there are other musicians who admitted to have dealt with drug addiction, but chose to seek help and face their demons. They tried their best to break free from their addiction and made sure that they will not suffer the same fate as their other colleagues. One of them is Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s energetic front man. He is very vocal about his drug and alcohol problems in the past, even admitting that he had spent more than $20 Million on different illegal and alcoholic substances before; but Tyler finally decided to kick off his bad habits after his bandmates staged an intervention back in 1986. Tyler managed to be drug-free since then.

Another popular musician who has recovered from his drug-filled past is Sir Elton John. He used to consume a lot of cocaine and alcohol back in 1970 to 1980. But when the HIV scare caught up with him at the start of 1990s, he decided to stop abusing substances and focus on a cleaner, drug-free lifestyle instead. He now runs the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Fans of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist know that Slash had been using and abusing drugs during the early years of his career, but when his private and professional life got affected because of his heroin addiction, he decided to quit taking any form of addictive substances. Up to now, Slash is sober and his family should be credited for it.

Other musicians who have recovered from their drug-filled past include Blur’s Damon Albarn, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, Billy Joe Armstrong, Anthony Kiedis, Eminem, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson, and Alice Cooper. Hopefully, more music artists will follow their quest for a sober and substance-free lifestyle.

If you or a family member is in need of help in this area, check inpatient physical therapy for more assistance.

Apr 29

Healthy Tips for Concert Goers

Music Festivals— music, plus a dash of crowd, and the warm weather, is a dreamy recipe of perfection. But while going to check out your favorite bands can prove to be an overwhelming experience, there are some precautions to take beforehand to guarantee you the most rocking time ever. Here are some ways to prepare ahead and things to consider when you are at the show!

Keep your feet safe:

You may be pressured by peers to rock some killer heels or open-toed shoes, but it is still best to put your feet safety first. You are going to be on your feet all night (or day) long, so give your feet a break! If you cannot give up your fashion sense, try to rock a low-heeled boots or any close-toed shoe. Surely you don’t want someone stepping on your newly pedicured toes because not only will it protect your toes but your feet will also feel much better in the morning. However, if you have plantar fasciitis, it is best to have the right shoe for you. http://www.kewlrunners.com/  offers wide selection for your needs

Make some dance moves

If you are with a wild crew, you are sure to be making some dance moves. Making a decision to keep dancing throughout the night will not only keep your spirits soaring but also your cardio blasting.

Lay off the booze

Getting caught up in your rock star moment can lead to constant grabbing for another booze or sugary cocktail. Remind yourself that you have also got places to be tomorrow! Do not let your peers hand you drink after drink, know when to cut it off.

Forget concert food

If you are heading to a big show, their food can be incredibly tempting. With fries, hotdogs, and nachos everywhere, you’re better off to say no. Pack up some nutritious food before you leave home for the show, or go to a healthy restaurant with friends before/after you go to the show.

Be sure to stretch it out:

Dancing throughout the show is an awesome workout that requires a stretch! Surely you don’t want to do anything that would pull you back on your concert experience, so go stretch it out! Stretching before dance is important for strengthening the muscles, increasing flexibility, and making moves flow easily and gracefully.

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